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The worlds most important art fairs and events

Contemporary art fairs are excellent places to learn about art and to compare offers and prices. In a short period of time one can see a wide range of works of different artists. At most international art fairs only the top galleries and dealers can afford the high cost of participating. Since art fair organizers are most selective as to whom they invite and allow to participate, you can expect to see high quality artwork presented by reputable art dealers. Try to be there at fair opening night previews. That is where to find the best selection and have the first opportunity to purchase artwork before the fair opens to the general public. Opening nights are usually very enjoyable, you often can have free drinks, buy art and socialize with the art community.
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Art Fairs 2017 (July to December)


07.07.-09.07.2017 - artpul - Pulheim

-16.07.2017 - documenta - Kassel

13.07. -16.07.2017 - Art Santa Fé

-16.07.2017 - documenta - Kassel

-26.11.2017 - La Biennale di Venezia - Venedig

09.07.-12.07.2015 - Art Monaco - Monaco

21.07.-23.07.2017 - art bodensee - Dornbirn


-26.11.2017 - La Biennale di Venezia - Venedig

03.08.- 06.08.2017 - Seattle Art Fair

05.08.-15.08.2017 - Art Nocturne Knocke - Knokke-Heist / Belgien

25.08.-27.08.2015 - Art-O-Rama - Marseill


-26.11.2017 - La Biennale di Venezia - Venedig

13.09.-17.09.2017 - Art Rio - Rio de Janeiro

13.09.-17.09.2017 - Contemporary Istanbul - Istanbul

14.09.-17.09.2017 - The Affordable Art Fair Seoul - Seoul

15.09.-17.09.2017 - Berliner Liste - Berlin

14.09.-17.09.2017 - Positions Berlin - Berlin

22.09.-24.09.2017 - unseen photo fair - Amsterdam

08.09.-10.09.2017 - The Affordable Art Fair Bristol - Bristol


-26.11.2017 - La Biennale di Venezia - Venedig

05.10.-08.10.2017 - Frieze Art Fair - London

11.10.-15.10.2017 - The Affordable Art Fair - Stockholm

15.10.-18.10.2015 - ART INTERNATIONAL Zürich - Zürich

13.10.-16.10.2017 - Art Verona - Verona

18.10.-22.11.2017 - The Affordable Art Fair Battersea - London

19.10.-22.10.2017 - FIAC - Paris

19.10.-22.10.2015 - Texas Contemporary - Houston

22.10.-26.10.2015 - Art Elysees - Paris

19.10.-22.10.2017 - young international artists - Paris

27.10.-29.10.2017 - C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr - Essen

28.10.-01.11.2017 - TEFAF - New York


-01.11.2017 - TEFAF - New York

-26.11.2017 - La Biennale di Venezia - Venedig

02.11.-05.11.2017 - The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam - Amsterdam

09.11.-12.11.2017 - Paris Photo

16.11.- 19.11.2017 - Art Fair - Düsseldorf

16.11.- 19.11.2017 - BLOOM - Düsseldorf

16.11.- 19.11.2017 - Kunstmesse Leipzig

17.11.- 19.11.2017 - Art3f - Mülhausen

16.11.-19.11.2017 - The Affordable Art Fair Hamburg - Hamburg

18.11.-26.11.2017 - Feria de Madrid

19.11.-26.11.2017 - PAN - Amsterdam

23.11.-26.11.2017 Cologne Fine Art, Köln


05.12.-10.12.2017 - Art Miami - Miami

06.12.-10.12.2017 - Untitled - Miami

06.12.-10.12.2017 - Pinta - Miami

07.12.-10.12.2017 - Art | - Basel | Miami Beach - Miami Beach

07.12.-10.12.2017 - Pulse - Miami Beach

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