Franciso Navarrete Sitja art

Poetic intermediate worlds

By Franciso Navarrete Sitja

In his photographies Franciso Navarrete Sitja shifts between painting, drawing and digital images. He quotes classic compositions as well as the classic genres of self-portraits, nudes and motives of art history.

Sitja, with his hand proofs on aluminum, insists on uniqueness when he uses emulsion like paint and / or pixels his paintings by hand - making a reproduction impossible although he mainly uses mechanic techniques.

Over and over again he plumbs the borderlines beween different generas by visualising the shift of drawing and painting via fotography up to digital manufacturing techniques. at this he moves details into the foreground, fading image elements and lets the emulsion crumble as if it was aging paint. some details remind us of the known but without getting to precise. Sitjas fotographies change between showing and hiding, which accounts for the idiosyncratic appeal of his pictures.

It seems as if they were remaining in poetic intermediate worlds.

Text: Dr. Stefanie Lucci

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(Image: Franciso Navarrete Sitja)

Franciso Navarrete Sitja

Franciso Navarrete Sitja

Franciso Navarrete Sitja

Franciso Navarrete Sitja