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A website for contemporary art & culture is a website devoted to contemporary art. It is a preferred destination for art-collectors, art-galleries, art-dealers, artists, curators, consultants, architects, interior designers and art lovers.

At you can find all kind of contemporary pieces of art in a wide variety of mediums and an extensive range of styles.

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Takashi Murakami

Things are not what they seem. Murakami (Tokyo / Japan) and the difference between childlike and childish. Learn more.

Janet Echelman

The American artist Janet Echelman (Brookline / USA) specializes in large public art installations and sculptures. More.

Simon Scheuerle

Simon Scheuerle (Canberra / Australia ) uses a wide variety of everyday materials to produce his objects and installations. Learn more.

International Artfairs

A selection of the most important artfairs around the world. Don´t miss them. Find the list here.

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Paul Schwietzke

P. Schwietzke, German painter, Member of the successful school of K.O.Götz, brings different artistic movements together. More.

Art galleries

Find a selection of some of the most exiting international artgalleries, among them well known adresses and new discoveries. Learn more.

Dirk Krüll - Plastic army

An award winning photo series about plastic pollution by German photographer Dirk Krüll. See more.

Who´s Who in Art

Who is Who in contemporary art?
Explore our llist of selected contemporary artists. Find the list here

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Alexandre G. Vilas Boas

In his virile drawings Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas (currently living and working in Guarulhos, Brazil) deals convincingly crtitcal with the catholic orthodox church. Learn more.

Franciso Navarrete Sitja

In his photographies Franciso Navarrete Sitja (Chile ) shifts between painting, drawing and digital images. He quotes classic compositions as well as the classic genres...More.

Art by Now

Art-by-Now is an international online gallery. Find a huge selection of artworks, representing the whole spectrum of contemporary art. Starting with young, emerging artists up to world famous names. Visit Website

What is Contemporary Art?

And what is the difference between modern art and contemporary art? Learn more about the definition of contemporary art

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Stephan Widera

Multi-Artist Widera (Düsseldorf / Germany) works as a painter, photographer and digital artist. More about contemporary artist Stephan Widera.

Contemporary Photography

Contemporary photography is, beside media art, probably the most contemporary of all forms of fine art. Learn more about contemporary photography.

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59 Biennale di Venezia

Cecilia Alemani is the new Artistic Director with the task of planning and curating the coming 59th Art Exhibition.
Learn more.

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Art consulting

Benefit from our know-how in all aspects of your art collection. More about our artconsultung services.

Art Offers

Have a look at our special offers and occasions if you're looking to buy affordable art. Find the art offers here.

David Fried

David Fried (Düsseldorf / Germany and NYC / USA, creates large gaseous vesicles in a totally darkened room. More.

Shari Pierce

Reflections on US-artist Shari Pierce's (Munich / Germany and USA ) Agraphobia. Learn more.